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    My coming holiday trip to Germany with my trike and caravan.

    First test ride went very well. Range is good and better than I expected. Tomorrow a second test and a checkup on the caravan.
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    My coming holiday trip to Germany with my trike and caravan.

    Starting to plan my route in the coming week. Camping in Germany is cheap, so I camp every day. Is easier than wild camping. I travel first to Berlin. I will camp outside Berlin and use public transportation to visit the city. I stay there for 2 or 3 days. After that I travel to the meeting...
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    My coming holiday trip to Germany with my trike and caravan.

    You need to contact the organizer if you want to camp. He organized the field and you need to contact him to get a place to camp. It is cheap. 5 euro's a night and as you stay longer or arive earlier, you can stay for 10 euros a night. But as it goes next year as it goes now, than I expect...
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    My coming holiday trip to Germany with my trike and caravan.

    Caravan is ready. More stave and is now hanging level behind. This week or coming week I will do my first test rides.
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    Diy electric streetfox.

    Nice, to have someone from the Netherlands. Where in the Netherlands do you lif? I am living in Helmond. Emiel
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    My coming holiday trip to Germany with my trike and caravan.

    Last year I went to Germany to visit some people in Germany that I learned to know trough a wattsapp group and YouTube. This year I go to the caravan meating. Here a video from someone that was there last year. It was the first time that there was a meating. This year it will be a lot...
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    Quad build.

    My first build had a few laser cut parts. That helped a lot, because I have not much tools and I work on the ground. So limited in what I can do. So gof my second build I went more complicated and did more with laser cut parts. It was also that time, that I met my mbuilding mate. So I did most...
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    Quad build.

    Thank you. I worked today on my caravan. Only thing I need to do is finishing my electric part. Just solder a few wires and it is ready. In the coming days, I will work on the front suspension. I need to work it further out. I will also ad the steering in the model. It will probably get a lot...
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    Quad build.

    Plans keep changing. Front will also be new. I will build 2 quads together with person where I build my quad. He wants one to and as they both are ready, we probably build 1 or more quads. It seems that more people are interested here when they had seen the renders. The front will be new to. It...
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    Quad build.

    I mount the springs as the Trike is almost finished. I ad more mounting options, so I can adjust it. The length of the arm has influence on what strength spring you need, but with the lengths I do, it isn't that big of a deal. You want the springs go in about 20 to 30% as you sit on it. For me...
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    Quad build.

    I took some measurements from my trike and I need to change the wheelbase. It is now 1m, but it will be 1,2m. I also made a concept caravan. Just to see how it works. I made it so I can make 1 or 2 seats with a table in between. The rear of the caravan will not be rounded. This way I vcan...
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