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    My coming holiday trip to Germany with my trike and caravan.

    Last year I went to Germany to visit some people in Germany that I learned to know trough a wattsapp group and YouTube. This year I go to the caravan meating. Here a video from someone that was there last year. It was the first time that there was a meating. This year it will be a lot...
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    Quad build.

    Plans change by the day, but finally made a decision. My first Trike will be the bace for a quad. Indipendend suspension in the rear. 20 inch all around. Motor will be, behind the seat. Underseat steering. I will be using the seat from my second build and make that I also can mount the HP...
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    Tilting campertrike.

    I found this video trough a German bicycle caravan forum. The back slides out and makes that you can sit in it and even sleep in it. The Trike looks to me a phyton design.
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    Changing my steering.

    Today I decided to change my steering on my trike. I don't know if others have the same problem, but on high speeds from 30km/h and up on bad roads, the steering starts to shake. Only on bad roads. It stayed shaking till today. I changed the steering rod. Made it stiffer and that helped for a...
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    I am back and here is what I am going to do this year again.

    I was a while away from the forum, but that was mainly because I was bissy with many things. But I am back and I have big plans for after the summer. I upgraded my trike with an other rear wheel and better brakes that I hot from Mario. I added a battery mount and went back to the tsdz2 250w...
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    Koga Miyata e bike fixer up.

    I got myself a Koga miyata e bike that was e bike of the year 2010 and the frame is based on the hand made bike from 2007. I am working on it to fix it again. Not that it was a bad bike, but the battery was gone and some things need to be fixed or replaced. I got it to replace my gazelle...
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    Differential for trike/quads

    Here is a link to a company that sells differentials for trikes. Easy to combine and they have a few options that you can choose...
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    Some bike projects I will start soon with.

    Yesterday I decided to get a mtb. It is a bike that my trike busy has standing and I can get it for a good price with a motor that I need to build on it. Goal is to ad a 48v battery, so it goes about 45kmh on the throttle. The bike will be changed so it becomes more a city/tour bike. So...
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    Front suspension hp velo technic.

    Today I worked on a hp velotegnic front suspension. I was all but positive about the construction. On both sides a washer changed in the shape of a cone. They stay in now, but you can wait, till they bend a bit more and flip out again. It happened on one side once and I think it will happen...
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    Camper for my trike build.

    I just placed the last order for my next buil, a camper. Yesterday the wood and Glue and today the coraplast. Next week i order some epoxy and pick up a wooden plate. Only need 4 Aluminium round 22. But i don't know the length yet, zo i wait with that. It depends on how high i place my frame on...
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    What do you do with your first build?

    My first build isn't that well build, the 2 crashes didn't make it better and now it is a bike with all 3 wheels arend standing straight. It has no suspension and the bmx tires make that it rolls fast. But even with all that, I love that trike and I can't take it apart to use those parts for...
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    Happy new year

    Everybody a happy new year. To all great Britain members, I will miss you and wave goodbye. You always stay welcome afcourse.
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    Sort of tilting trike

    I watched Gary Solomon tonight and they talked with the designer of this trike. It is a very simple design of a tilting trike that levels himself while riding. You tilt as your steer, so it is always a combination. It is actually a simple design that is easy to build yourself. Also by...
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    I crashed again

    I got my second crash today. This time I got my arm open because I slides over the asphalt. Other than, that, I am OK. I learned from my first crash, that you don't fall very hard. You roll more of the bike than really falling. My trike is an other story. I welded my steering with the wrong...
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    Bike trailer

    I don't know if this belongs here. I started to work on my trailer. A few years back I bought a bike trailer made from aluminium. I bought it to put a battery in so I could charge my lipo's for my race drones. Also so I could take all my stuff with me on my bike. Now because I am mainly...
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    Riding trough water

    I drove last week after the rain trough the city. I have no mudguards in the front, but it isn't really needed. The biggest problem is the water that is trown up and makes my ass wet. Now I am thinking of making a water shield that I can easily ad if needed. I want to mount it from the...
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    Going for my second build.

    I didn't want yo, but it is happening. I am going to build a second Trike. I just reserved a seat that I get by the end of the month. This build will have many changes from my previous build. I will start tonight with the base frame. The seat mount comes as soon as I have the seat. With the...
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    Extreme rear wheel

    I don't know a worth what he is saying, but that rear wheel looks great. That on a Trike would look crazy. I think that he talks about how he made the tire on it and I think he cut it and put it on with silicone. It will be very bumpy as you have no rear suspension, but on a track it would...
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    Race and tour trike with 20inch all around.

    What would be nice is a trike with 3 20 inch wheels and able to be build in race and touring setup. Then you have 2 trikes in one and you can set it up for 2 different situations. For touring with a raised sead and a possibility for carying your luggage with you. And as you want to race, that...
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    Armadillo style e-quad

    I have seen the Armadillo and now I want one. It's great for in the city to deliver for the shop instead of the car that I use now. As soon as is finished my current projects, i will start making a design. I will ad suspension and e assist. This will make that it rides easier. I will look...