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  1. Radical Brad

    Quad build.

    This is going to be fun to watch! So much more engineered than my exploration into a camper bike design 20 years ago. What a beast it was! Had to rip it apart when I moved. Brad
  2. Radical Brad

    Tilting Quad Velomobile

    Thanks for posting your build here! Great work, and a fun thread to follow. Cheers, Brad
  3. Radical Brad

    Repurchasing DYI plans?

    My email is atomic@(this domain). Just back from a long trip up North for work, so I have not been on my email for over a week. Will catch up this weekend. Cheers, Brad
  4. Radical Brad

    Repurchasing DYI plans?

    I will leave this thread in case someone else searches the topic. Answer... Just email me, and I can reset links anytime, no problem, even if they are from 1998 when I started this little corner of the web! I only have the expiry there as some where not downloading the PDF files but instead...
  5. Radical Brad

    First ride on a trike

    Great machine, thanks for the pics!
  6. Radical Brad

    F'lowroller - 17 years so far...

    Thanks for sharing! Great to see your unique ride still on the road. I am still kicking around here, but I fly into remote communities for my job now, so the only transportation I see has a propellor on the front. I posted your photos out on the FB page. Cheers! Brad
  7. Radical Brad

    A bit of a break from any further/new building.

    Wishing you the best on your tune-up! Often, our machines get more TLC that we give to ourselves. Cheers, Brad
  8. Radical Brad

    I can't believe they invented it

    Imagine of a bear snuck up on you. Happens to me a lot out here and I prefer to be mobile in a hurry! Brad
  9. Radical Brad

    Diy electric streetfox.

    Great work, thanks! Brad
  10. Radical Brad

    Printing Our Plans

    Computers.... making our lives easier since 1977!
  11. Radical Brad

    Is "As good as it gets" good enough?

    If this is just about turning around in a small space at very low speeds, how about a creative articulated rear triangle that can unlock (front end loader style)? It would be a can of worms mod, but cool, and you would probably be the first to try it. Brad
  12. Radical Brad

    Warrior Trike Build Thread

    Great build, thanks for sharing! Brad
  13. Radical Brad

    Tilter mk3

    Wow, I can just hear that "pwang!!!" sound looking at that rim. There are a few like that at the bottom of my scrap pile out back! Brad
  14. Radical Brad

    USS question

    USS may actually be more rigid since the goosneck is much shorter than a long stem style OSS bent. Brad
  15. Radical Brad

    200 Square Foot Portable Poultry Tractor!

    Looks well done! One thing about inventing... so many often have the same idea so I would never claim to be the first. I think the only original thing I have ever made was my SkyWalker Tallbike, everything else seems to have been done in the 1800s! I do think there are too many chickens per...
  16. Radical Brad

    200 Square Foot Portable Poultry Tractor!

    How long are you planning to build? If you are going for the same as my design, that weight seems about right. The thinner wall tubing is about 25 pounds... With the thinner...
  17. Radical Brad

    My latest delta project

    Nice Velo, thanks for sharing! Brad
  18. Radical Brad

    MJ’s Streetfox build

    Lookin good! I agree with Popshot, move the idler to the slack (return) chain. It will keep it off the ground. You should not need it on the drive chain as the 4" pulley should push it under the seat like this... Cheers! Brad
  19. Radical Brad

    Project chopper

    It's going to be a sweet ride! Thanks for the pics. Brad