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  1. Radical Brad

    If anyone is into raising chickens or homesteading, we are hosting some fun DIY this weekend.

    You can register for the free seminar here... DIY on the Homestead! Cheers, Brad
  2. Radical Brad

    AZ RedNeck Pool!

    We decided to find a way to cool off in this heatwave... Atomic RedNeck Style! The DIY pool worked out so well that now it has a solar fountain, edge liner and will soon be getting drink holders, adjustable seating, a night time bug screen, and a small deck!
  3. Radical Brad

    Foolin around with my vidcam.

    Watering the crops 4 times a day in 35 degree weather! It's nice to hide in the cool basement and muck around with After Effects... Brad
  4. Radical Brad

    Salvage frame tubing for your next project.

    This basic tutorial will guide you through the process of cutting up a typical diamond shaped bicycle frame into its individual tubes and components so that you can re-use these parts in your own designs. A diamond frame is made up of a front and rear triangle, forming a diamond shape. The round...
  5. Radical Brad

    Build your own wheels.

    This tutorial will show you how to remove all of the spokes in a wheel and then reinstall them in the common 3-cross lacing pattern. This tutorial will also demonstrate some of the techniques used to true the wheel after it has been put back together. To follow along, you will need a wheel of...
  6. Radical Brad

    Fishmouth Cutting Tutorial.
  7. Radical Brad

    One of my favorite builds.

    Posted this oldie to the AZ Facebook page yesterday. I miss this beast!
  8. Radical Brad

    Digging through some ancient photos. DeltaWolf Fairing!

    I don't have the time or space for this right now, but I wish I did! Brad
  9. Radical Brad

    Cerberus - Robot Protector of The Realm!

    Something I started back in my city days. Dug this out of my collapsed junk shack and put a little work on the rear steering system. This large robot will autonomously patrol our farm and chase away deer and bears. I will be using a combination of GPS and machine vision, which is much easier...
  10. Radical Brad

    Mulin' Some H2O!

    We went from winter to mid summer in 3 days out here! So now my trusty YardMule is called to action.
  11. Radical Brad

    I challenge anyone to guess what I am making here!!

    Good luck!! I will keep posting until it is ready, but I doubt anyone will come close to a correct guess! Please do not suggest "free energy machine".... I know it looks like one of those goofy youtube scam videos! I may ride a 20 foot tall bike with no helmet, but I am not crazy! My point...
  12. Radical Brad

    Time flies when you are high!

    There will be another one someday! Brad
  13. Radical Brad

    New DIY Plan Online - Modular GreenHouse!

    Take control of your food supply with D-I-Y! I built this 10 years ago, and it is still providing us with plenty every year. kind of appropriate timing considering the state of the world and what is to come. Stay safe out there! Brad
  14. Radical Brad

    The "Covinator" - a Physical Distancing Enforcement Device (P-DED).

    I have noticed that some are not following the physical distance recommendations that have been recommended, so I have decided to take matters into my own hands by creating this body worn electrical pain field generator. As promised, here is a complete step-by-step DIY tutorial showing how you...
  15. Radical Brad

    New Plans Coming Soon - GreenHouse and Chicken Coop We are entering a new world, and self-sustainability is going to be a required skill. This year is going to be dedicated to those skills. Brad
  16. Radical Brad

    The "Covinator" - Fighting the virus with a million volts!

    I shall be posting detailed instructions on how you can make your own. Stay home, stay safe, waste time!
  17. Radical Brad

    Ain't worth the risk....

    Some may feel confident enough to dodge the bullet, but remember.... it will find someone you know and kill them instead. I am working in what is considered "front lines" right now, and fear this beast. I think fear is the appropriate response right now. Feel free to pass it around, I made this...
  18. Radical Brad

    Bored Last Summer.

    I still use this thing for various product shots! Brad
  19. Radical Brad

    My Internet is Not Reliable - Registrations May Take Longer.

    As some of you know, we live way out in the Northern Ontario Bush and have only a small dish pointing at the sky as our only line of communications with the outside World. I do not own a phone, and streaming internet videos is just a dream! Anyhow, it is what it is, and it has been reliable for...
  20. Radical Brad

    I miss this bike. Might have been my all time favorite!

    I rode this on the streets almost like a daily commuter for months. A good bike to have now that flights are grounded! Brad