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    I am finally getting out to ride. Went on my second ride this season, this weekend. While i am enjoying riding, I think I'm going to change or modify the front fenders they still throw a good deal of debris onto my arms
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    They're rant squad rims, i think its a bmx company i got them on ebay from planet bmx i think. The hubs were from ebay, and shipped from a sweat shop in china. I just searched for the specs the plans had and they showed up. I had a local bike shop lace them for me
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    Welding machine suggestions?

    I learned to weld to make a warrior also. I used a 220v vulcan from harbor freight, Mig with co2 for gas, as i already had it and its cheaper than argon. i read mig was the easiest way to weld, often it's called a glue gun of welding. There wasn't much of a learning curve and after a few break...
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    Went for two rides so far, I might need to tweak the front fenders a little, I still had stuff throw onto my arms but the back fender really kept everything off of me
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    New warrior seat

    Final with foam glued into place. The foam is the anti fatigue mats they sell for flooring in a gym. I didn't want to risk shaping it with an angle grinder, after issues I had last time, so i used a ryobi hand held sander that uses half in sanding belts, it made it so much easier and cleaner...
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    New warrior seat

    Wahoo, it worked. First test fit, all the bolts lined up, the angles weren't perfect, it required a little flexing to get it into place but it didnt break or crack at all. Interesting enough, this was four layers of 1/8" plywood, but it didn't equal a half inch thick, which was the thickness...
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    New warrior seat

    My current seat is what's in the manual and I haven't had an issue with it so i don't think I'll be bothered with this one if it works out, but I'll keep it in mind
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    New warrior seat

    Good to know, right now my plan is 4 layers, it'll be just under a half inch or 10mm, which is what my current seat has now. The strength was my concern, but I built my frame with 1.5" supports under the seat and back instead of just the recommended flat bar so hopefully it and the frame along...
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    New warrior seat

    The seat was the part of the build I hated most, so I'm finally trying to make a new one. I'm steam bending 1/8th in thick wood and gluing layers together like a skateboard, then I'll glue foam on top. The original seat wasn't uncomfortable, but mine Just didn't come out like I wanted, I'm...
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    Need wheel recommendations!!!

    I had to order the hubs on ebay, rims from planet bmx then have my local bike shop lace them up.
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    Next set of fenders installed and ready to test. If they work out okay, it'll be time to remove and paint.
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