A different type of fat tire tapole trike?

Apr 10, 2021
So bear with me as this is a crazy idea and if it was built would make a better show trike than being practical.

So I was looking through some pictures of bikes and trike on different FaceBook groups when I saw a lowrider trike (delta) with car wheels and tires on the back, not converted car rims like with Brad's plans, actual chrome old school wheel with baby moon hub caps and wide white wall tires, so a completely crazy idea kicked off in my head. Why not make a tadpole trike with car wheels and tires on the front using like 5 lug trailer hubs or hubs with brakes (electric or hydralic) and either a regular fat tire or converted car rim for the back wheel,

Practical, nope, but might be crazy enough to be cool, gearing could always be set up to make it rideable, even adding an electric mid drive motor would help and using motorcycle parts (hydralic) or making a cable controled potentinmeter (electric) the trailer brakes might be may functional. I hope everyone can get a giggle out of this idea and maybe spark some crazy ifea of your own........hopefully more practical than mine, lol. Maybe someone is drawing up plans for a fat tire trike right now using all converted car rims, if so I want to see pics and a video when it's done, lol
Sep 16, 2018
There are many people using car wheels for bikes. Sometimes they narrow them or make them even wider. They glue on a titere and then only the outer part. Then they get a thin tire. All for the looks.

They use mountainbikes with rear suspension and lower them, so they almost hit the ground.

Looks good, but as you say, drives terrible. But they are meant for show.