Building a double Rimmed Wheel

Sep 12, 2012
Apple Valley, California, USA
Mr Idaho

If you want to make your own, here's some of my experience.
If you decide you want to have a go, I can provide more info, and photo's of my builds.

When I made my own double, triple and quadruple wide rims, all from donor parts, the only real issue, was how to connect them.
When using standard size hubs, the spoke length wasn't an issue for me.
Only when I wanted custom hubs did I have an issue, which was solved by ordering a specific length for my application.

If the rims were 'weldable', there wouldn't really be any issue, bar warpage.
Sometime in the future I will play around with welding a set of metal rims together....just to see.
But since they were alloy, then the connecting method, came into play.

My first (triples) set, I used metal screws, which worked but left pointy bits that needed to be filed and covered.
Spokes laced to the center rim.

My next set, the (quads) I used rivets. 8 rivets per rim, 24 rivets per wheel.
Worked quite well, but would like to find an even better way.
72 spokes laced to the two center rims.
I really like this wheel, and intend to use it on a future project....thinking of maybe the Delta Wolf.

My current double wides, are on the StreetRunner. I went back to sheet metal screws.
I couldn't get a proper angle for drilling, and using the rivet tool was near impossible on this set of rims.
Also tried, JB Weld, but they blew apart when I 'over' pressurized.
I used JB Weld, only as a filler, and to add strength to the joint, in the space, in between the rims.

This time I left the spokes laced to just one rim, not trying to center them.
I wanted the offset. For my application and the verrry slow speeds this is liable to be going, shouldn't cause any problems.
I used the same tire that came on the original rim. Tires can be used on wider rims than they were made for, but only to a point.
Verified by checking tire manufacturer specs on tire fit with rims.
That practice dates back to at least the 60's in my experience. I believe it's still done a lot with the Low Rider crowd.
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Apr 15, 2013
Washington state
thanks Ed. I re thought about the double rim and there are issues. You fat tire set up looks good. May give it a go but need to locate four identical rims and tires. A call to BBBP in the morning is on my list.
May 26, 2011
Dover, Kent England
this is an interesting idea and if I can't locate a reasonable price etc. for 3 fat tires n rims I may decide to go this route Join two rims together for my RECON LIZARD
Hi Mridaho. Yes, I see this configuration to be easier to get replacement tyres. Most stores carry a supply of standard tyres (tires) and tubes compared to speciality stores for fat tyres. And if on a holiday nearest store maybe in a smaller town for spares (parts) and not carry the necessary items needed for a replacement.
Enjoy the day TaTa.
May 26, 2011
Dover, Kent England

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