cutting metal with a Evolution mitre saw

Dec 29, 2016
Lanc's, England
I know some off us got intrigued by Evolutions claim of sawing metal with there mitre saw.
But the reality was that the cutting surface was rough and you were splattered with hot metal shavings during the cut.
That's what happened to me anyway.
A year ago my first blade was worn and I replaced them with a cheap alternative sold in the uk under the name saxton blades.
Saxtons blades has more teeth, I bought a dual pack with 40 or 80 teeth, and they are brilliant on wood, supper clean cut.
Today I decided to try the 40 teeth blade on steel for the first time, needed a 15deg cut, and the result was

perfect... a few flying shaves, but hundred times better than with the original blade,
I will keep using this on steel, to see how long it last. The original didn't last long at all.
Maybe I should test the 80teeth blade?
Feb 7, 2008
Nottinghamshire England

Interesting although in all honesty I stopped using the evolution for bicycle steel cutting as I found I was usually cutting small pieces from slightly bigger pieces and it is no ideal for that ? [ turns out mine is the biggest ? 10" blade which does not help ]

Much to difficult to clamp the steel securely enough , that's why I sprung for a abrasive chop saw which is currently buried somewhere in the garage :(

May 31, 2013
South Benfleet, Essex, England, UK
I think there is a technique to using the Evolution on metal as it is rather fierce.
There are many You-Tubes of their metal chop-saw variant in "bake-off's" against the competition and they do come out quite well.
I have a Chop/grinder like Paul (same model) and it is very good but leaves you with a red-hot end to grab hold of ;)