Diy book scanning

Jun 16, 2008
I realize there are sites for book scanning, but they aren't atomic zombies.
I would like to scan books, reduce their volume and make them searchable, my understanding
  1. Automatic diy scanners have been done either with help from bernouli or some type of servo.
  2. Lots of cameras on a stick, ranging in price from $75 or so to hundreds
  3. The more expensive ones had flattening software.
  4. Or was not mentioned in the low end.
  5. I have the plans and parts to build an automatic one with a Lego rcx but I can't find the rcx software that was devel
Jun 16, 2008
Automatic page turning and ocr appear to be the gold standard. The simple ones require manual page turning, eg the camera on a stick..

The rcx one, used a lego wheel turned by a m
Sounds like a good project for a Pi and a Pi.Cam.
Are you looking at something that can flip pages on a bound hardcopy and then run an OCR?


A European group developed a page turner with a pneumatic shuttle.
The better ones have 2 cameras.

Someone hacked canon cameras, the sd card allows computer control of the camera.