my high roller

Apr 16, 2017
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Well I did build myself a high roller. The building was fun, especially getting the rear wheel lined up properly. Mine uses 24" wheels which allowed me to place my feet flat on the ground at a stop. I had a heck of a time learning how to ride it, until finally at a local provincial park on a short downhill paved bike path I was able to get it going and stay upright. Then came the fatal error. A 500 watt Bafang mid drive motor was added to the bike. Given the style of the bike this meant the motor needed to be mounted right at the end of the boom. The battery was able to be placed under the frame just ahead of the seat. The problem was the front end became quite heavy which really affected the steering - one thing that did not help was the tubing used for the frame was a bit thicker - read heavier than the plans called for which also affected the weight. The end result was one the maiden voyage at the same provincial park while using the motor I crashed and the post the bars are attached to broke off which ended that trip real quick. No damage to me but at this time the bike is sitting in my garage unrepaired. The motor was removed and installed on an aluminum frame 700C equipped road bike which actually works very well. It,s just not as comfortable as a recumbent. The high roller is awaiting a decision on it's eventual fate. One conclusion is to convert this style of bike to an E bike a rear hub motor would probably be best.