My Internet is Not Reliable - Registrations May Take Longer.

Radical Brad

Garage Hacker!
Staff member
Mar 13, 1999
Kakabeka Falls, Ontario, Canada
As some of you know, we live way out in the Northern Ontario Bush and have only a small dish pointing at the sky as our only line of communications with the outside World. I do not own a phone, and streaming internet videos is just a dream!

Anyhow, it is what it is, and it has been reliable for years. But due to the World moving into chaos, infrastructures are starting to feel the pain, and our internet is coming and going, sometimes for days at a time.

Because of this, new registrations may take longer than my usual one or two days.
This also goes for questions on the "Contact Us" page and support questions here.

I know we are all in for a long ride here, so let's play it safe and if you are stuck at home like we are.... get out your tools and start building something!

Wishing everyone the best.