Tilter mk3

Feb 7, 2008
Nottinghamshire England
I'm equally sure that mastering those improvements will be well worth it as the smiles per mile are way in excess of anything-else I've built (so far). Anyone with ideas in their head should get them out of there and into steel.
Glad the wonder is still there and you are still learning/enjoying the experience.

I having been tilting for a year [ to clarify purely trike riding ] I am no longer in wonder mode and only slightly still learning however am I enjoying it ?
I am no longer sure , it meets the brief of being taller and narrower than previous versions , however tilting itself for me is a 50/50 affair.
It can be a chore not being able to ride hands free and at times having to force the seat upright because the trike is going straight but at an angle , however cornering is a joy and gratuitous tilting is fun.
However how much of a ride is cornering compare with riding in a straight-ish line ?

Feb 10, 2021
Depends how you measure it. In distance, probably small. In enjoyment, it's probably most of it.
I'm of a similar mind. For me , a big part is in the "fun of tilting". I bought my first motorcycle in 1961 (a used 250cc BSA) and I have always loved the feeling of tilting in corners at higher speeds.
Now-a-days, even at much slower pedaling speeds, tilting and cornering is still a great feeling and the additional stability provided by laterally separated wheels (trike/quad) gives me the confidence to still enjoy cornering without feeling those lateral forces. And the lack of lateral forces, especially when slowly traversing a side-slope is also a bonus.
Oct 19, 2012
Wakefield, UK
I've put in a 127mm bb for extra clearance. The big ring is now fine but the small is still tight. Given the motor the small ring is largely redundant tbh. I moved the pas sensor to the right hand side as that's where it was designed to be. I deliberately took it through Ossett precinct for maximum ogle factor and wasn't disappointed by the heads swivelling.:) All being well I'll take it for a longer run tomorrow to shake it down.