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I bought the plans from you to build a Timber Wolf in 2011. I built it, a fun project!!
I’ve been studying the Tadpole for months. I like the single wheel in the back. And the 2 wheels in the front. I didn’t like were the crank was. I had intended to moved it to the center.
Last week I bought the plans for the Tadpole. The steering worries me.
The angles on the Tadpole are confusing to me. The piece that the axles g
Hey man, great to have you back - it feels like the good ole days in the ClubHouse again!
If you want moderator status, just let me know. I am building the "Spammer Killer " special forces from those I trust here!

To Brad not understanding the how to post pictures. 13 March 2019 Seems that trolling the net Can find answers to how. Also experimenting with site buttons ideas come to light.
The Cat
The Cat
As can be seen I have seen the light and have the means to post pictures. Old dog new tricks.